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YEAH guys,

this is Mats! Let's hope you're doing well! Actually, I don't have much time, so I'll do it quick ;-)! Unfortunately we have to let you know that Rosenrot is gonna take a break from now. As you probably know we just released our album in our region today as you can buy it now in several stores in town and of course also at O'Kellys. This is the final strike we did now and we are really fucking proud that we made it. Cool.

Cedric has to stay in Switzerland and I have a lot of other things to care about here. Romy is moving away from Freiburg next year and Julian will concentrate on his job and on the university which is really necessary.

I guess, we've done enough for this year. It was more than I ever thought we could reach. Aswell we're really proud of the regional success here. Thank you for all of your support and believe in us, also in the name of the other ones.

It was an awesome year. So many cool things that happened and so many doors got opened  - WOW!

All the best to you from all of us.

We all wish you a very great rest of the left 2008, keep strong and enjoy every single day of your damn life.

Mats & the company ;-)

30.11.08 21:25


Hey guys,

how's ya doin'?

Surprise, another song from Seasoned Letters for you today: Everywhere. This one, which was written in this cold September, is (like the others of course) a true one with a real history and kinda melancholic again, but we used to play it a lot at O'Kellys within the last weeks, cause it really reminds of the last warm summer.
The record has really become beautiful, but all of us like it better unplugged.
Of course you can find the lyrics aswell here (words).

There are only 2 or 3 more tracks left to show you on this blog, some faster tracks, too, so be excited - if you like to!

Actually, the most I do is spending a lot of time at home, preparing things for Christmas - it really comes fast this year! - watching how it snows outside (again...how time passes by...) and keep myself warm. There are Christmas Markets everywhere - how romantic - but we four have just been there tonight and drank some...how is it called in English??... however, we Germans call it Glühwein. (At IKEA they call it Glögg, but it tastes different. Ours is better! ;-))!
So, there won't be happening a lot in the following weeks, except that I'll spend New Year's Eve in old bella Roma. We planned that long ago and so we'll ride with our sweet old Vespa bikes through the nightly city's lanes... Buon Capodanno, ragazzi =)!

Looks like there might be a left highlight in this year for that even autumn is gone now and the days remain to be grey.

I hope you enjoy these cold days and got somebody to warm you.  (Or, no, just better use our music, maybe it works!)

All the best from Romy and Cedric, Mats, Julian. - Rosenrot. (...playing at the Pub again this Friday ;-))


25.11.08 19:24

Hey guys!
Hope you've been fine so far. As we headed back home from the UK and arrived at the airport last night (windy as hell!), it could have gone much further if you asked me ! The next week's gonna be hard. I'll drive to Munich for having a job interview for an MTV internship. Let's hope it works! And then some good band news: We'll have our very first radio interview in a local radio station! This is awesome and kinda crazy...and I'm excited as hell. We'll let you know when it's done!

Nearby a new song - how matching! -, Tourist, I'm introducing you in now. Another very autobiographic story - probably the truest and deepest one. I have to say that I'm really proud of it.

But I do really like the song, cause it tells so much more than words can sometimes say. It still makes me smile to think back of how it got created. You sometimes feel like been into the wrong place, there are things you can't make undone, but as a good thing, you learn from it.
Probably it opens eyes - not only to the travelling one.

And not at last, it pushes, gives strength and I hope it does the same to you. :-)

I found a nice quotation in a book today:

"Blicke in das Herz irgendeines Menschen und du wirst in jedem mindestens eine dunkle Ecke finden, die er verbergen muss."

(H. Ibsen)

Kisses from us!

Romy xx

22.11.08 23:07

Hey guys,

whats up? I guess Mats already told that we aren't available this week. I'm currently in London with my best friend and do really enjoy these days. All we're doing is crashing the city's stores ;-), strolling around River Thames and go clubbing or PUBBING (beloved, beloved!) in the evenings. And...guess what, I met beautiful singer Katy Perry... who was in the cabin next to me at Topshop. And she's really so hot! Brit Pop really rocks. :-)

Now, I see there is already a new song of us online. It's called Serenity and a dedication to this summer.

Enjoy yourself, guys!

Kisses, Romy xx


20.11.08 17:38

Hello everyone, we're currently taking a break and won't be playing this Friday at O'Kellys, due to the fact that Cedric has to work in Switzerland and Romy has flown to London for some days. We're sorry but hope to see you next week at the Irish Pub again.

So long, you get more stuff from our album. :-)

Tá fáilthe romhat, Mats.

20.11.08 12:22

After many requests, I finally restarted my blog again. But with a lot of changes. This one will be much more personal. I'll use this space for letting you know a bit more about my thoughts and sometimes also my work as I turned now into the music scene. This time, I also found time to write a few words about the most important people in my life. Personally, I'll use it to work out happenings in my life.

And finally, after everything with our producing came so fast, Rosenrot's Official Website is still under construction for a while. So long - I let you introduce yourself into our music here and get to know us a bit better.

Once, there was someone in my life who gave me the inspiration to write all those poems... lyrics. Funny that all my thoughtless, dreamt writing in this year ended up in a whole album - living through all seasons I went through... So each one is truly very personal - and you'll feel spring, summer and autumn in it.
Giving my thoughts, luck, pain and feelings a colour through them is something I have to thank my band and the people behind us for. They're amazing.

So, in the next few days you'll hear more of our songs here, just watch the player changing if you like. The concerning lyrics should also be available.

And for myself, I'll try to keep up news daily.

Now...enjoy. =) I hope you like it.

Romy xx

10.11.08 12:17

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