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After many requests, I finally restarted my blog again. But with a lot of changes. This one will be much more personal. I'll use this space for letting you know a bit more about my thoughts and sometimes also my work as I turned now into the music scene. This time, I also found time to write a few words about the most important people in my life. Personally, I'll use it to work out happenings in my life.

And finally, after everything with our producing came so fast, Rosenrot's Official Website is still under construction for a while. So long - I let you introduce yourself into our music here and get to know us a bit better.

Once, there was someone in my life who gave me the inspiration to write all those poems... lyrics. Funny that all my thoughtless, dreamt writing in this year ended up in a whole album - living through all seasons I went through... So each one is truly very personal - and you'll feel spring, summer and autumn in it.
Giving my thoughts, luck, pain and feelings a colour through them is something I have to thank my band and the people behind us for. They're amazing.

So, in the next few days you'll hear more of our songs here, just watch the player changing if you like. The concerning lyrics should also be available.

And for myself, I'll try to keep up news daily.

Now...enjoy. =) I hope you like it.

Romy xx

10.11.08 12:17
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