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Hey guys!
Hope you've been fine so far. As we headed back home from the UK and arrived at the airport last night (windy as hell!), it could have gone much further if you asked me ! The next week's gonna be hard. I'll drive to Munich for having a job interview for an MTV internship. Let's hope it works! And then some good band news: We'll have our very first radio interview in a local radio station! This is awesome and kinda crazy...and I'm excited as hell. We'll let you know when it's done!

Nearby a new song - how matching! -, Tourist, I'm introducing you in now. Another very autobiographic story - probably the truest and deepest one. I have to say that I'm really proud of it.

But I do really like the song, cause it tells so much more than words can sometimes say. It still makes me smile to think back of how it got created. You sometimes feel like been into the wrong place, there are things you can't make undone, but as a good thing, you learn from it.
Probably it opens eyes - not only to the travelling one.

And not at last, it pushes, gives strength and I hope it does the same to you. :-)

I found a nice quotation in a book today:

"Blicke in das Herz irgendeines Menschen und du wirst in jedem mindestens eine dunkle Ecke finden, die er verbergen muss."

(H. Ibsen)

Kisses from us!

Romy xx

22.11.08 23:07
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