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Hey guys,

how's ya doin'?

Surprise, another song from Seasoned Letters for you today: Everywhere. This one, which was written in this cold September, is (like the others of course) a true one with a real history and kinda melancholic again, but we used to play it a lot at O'Kellys within the last weeks, cause it really reminds of the last warm summer.
The record has really become beautiful, but all of us like it better unplugged.
Of course you can find the lyrics aswell here (words).

There are only 2 or 3 more tracks left to show you on this blog, some faster tracks, too, so be excited - if you like to!

Actually, the most I do is spending a lot of time at home, preparing things for Christmas - it really comes fast this year! - watching how it snows outside (again...how time passes by...) and keep myself warm. There are Christmas Markets everywhere - how romantic - but we four have just been there tonight and drank some...how is it called in English??... however, we Germans call it Glühwein. (At IKEA they call it Glögg, but it tastes different. Ours is better! ;-))!
So, there won't be happening a lot in the following weeks, except that I'll spend New Year's Eve in old bella Roma. We planned that long ago and so we'll ride with our sweet old Vespa bikes through the nightly city's lanes... Buon Capodanno, ragazzi =)!

Looks like there might be a left highlight in this year for that even autumn is gone now and the days remain to be grey.

I hope you enjoy these cold days and got somebody to warm you.  (Or, no, just better use our music, maybe it works!)

All the best from Romy and Cedric, Mats, Julian. - Rosenrot. (...playing at the Pub again this Friday ;-))


25.11.08 19:24
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