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For that our band's website isn't finished yet, this space is completely dedicated to Rosenrot!







(by Mats L.)

Rosenrot is a Band from Freiburg/Black Forest with original Swiss roots which got re-founded in summer 2008, after former singer Rahel had left the band in April, which existed since 2003. Without a singer, the three musicians Julian, Cedric and Mats took a break from music until Cedric's sister Jenny suggested a friend of her for the band's vocals. Romy had played in some other bands before, was also playing the guitar and the piano and so they tried a rehearsal with one of the old songs which turned out to be perfectly matching together.

July 2008, they got engaged in local Bars and Irish Pubs to play every Friday's evenings. Within these weeks, the O'Kellys Bar was packed to the edge in the weekends and Rosenrot established their reputation in the surrounding area very fast.



September 2008, a scout from Take One Productions, a local record label, passed by the Pub they were playing in. Mats remembers this evening well, as he knows they were currently playing Avalon (originally by Lovebugs feat. Lene Marlin) in a duet with Lennard from the band The Calamity, who gave the male voice next to vocalist Romy, as he came in. Two weeks later, the band developed a whole new concept with the producers Thomas Behrens and Jonas Grafschmidt. After singer Romy had submitted some old lyrics of songs she had written during the whole last year, the idea of producing something very new appeared. These songs were authentic and originally supposed to be personal poems, but turned out to be the stuff for the first album. The topics were classically love, hurt, personal problems but also the meaning of living life with every five senses. Thomas Behrens and Romy overwrote the poems to lyrics again to make them fit into a song. Within these days and nights, the band spent all their energy and a lot of time, particularly more than 10 hours, to find the right, matching melodies for bringing the message over the lyrics were telling.

Furthermore, the songs got partly inspired from classical music, Romy wanted bassist Julian to add the cello as a dramatic underline in Melancholy Ride and also the traditional Irish violin, as a dedication to the endless O'Kelly Pub nights, embedded in the pure, rustic guitar sound of I Will Never Know. In the end, the tracks got separated in spring, summer and autumn so that it finally got assembled to a whole comprehensible story of the birth, life and dead of a love.

November 2008, the first album Seasoned Letters got released successfully by Take One productions in the local area.



Every 3rd and 4th Friday || O'Kellys Irish Pub

Tue, 18.11.2008 || Freiburg, Kleine Stadthalle

Fri, 21.11.2008 || Regenbogen Radio Interview, 10 AM

Sat, 13.12.2008 || SouthBadenFM Winter Festival, Stuttgart

Booking: rosenrot-band@web.de


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